HR Foundation Elite Package

Audits, eek!  Employees, we need them!  Up-leveling our talent so that one day, you can put umbrellas in your drinks.  Yup, we got that!

The Foundation Elite class package pulls up the hood on the HR function in your business and provides a deeper dive into your specific business with 1:1 HR consulting.

You are looking for someone to take the reins on your handbook, job description, new hire onboarding as a trusted partner.  We will organize, strategize and create a customized process for you!  Better yet, you just want to sleep well at night knowing it is all under control.

Yes, this is for you!


  • Customized Handbook
  • Five (5) job descriptions
  • Personalized Ideal Employee Profile for the five (5) job descriptions
  • Employee Culture Book
  • A virtual two (2) hour HR employee audit of your files with you to review best practices and compliance.
  • Customized Ideal Employee Profile for the three (3) job descriptions we created in the Foundation Plus Package
  • Review of two of your Independent Contractors OR Exempt Employees to identify any misclassification red flags.
  • Organizational Culture Assessment.


“Never Worry Alone” When we worry alone we tend to create additional barriers to our success including negative behaviors.  When you worry with someone else, especially an expert in the problem you are having, you solve all sorts of problems. #Problem Solver!


There is an upfront one-time investment of $4,000.00 which will be sent to you via a separate invoice along with supporting documentation. 

A recurring membership fee of $27/month (with a minimum commitment of 12 months) and will be processed directly from the membership platform as referenced below. 

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Online HR Foundation Training Packages
HR Foundation Package Library

Learn the key documents necessary to set clear expectations with your staff and provide the framework for a compliant program. These documents ensure you are creating the space in your small business for every employee, and you, to be fulfilled in the work that they do.

Foundation Basic Package

The Foundation Basic is a membership that provides all the tools, and how to’s you need to authentically build the HR infrastructure of your small business from the ground up!

Foundation Plus Package

The Foundation Plus provides the membership site AND a customized handbook and up to 3 job descriptions that include the voice of your business! Yes, your culture, your feel with all the legal fun built in. 

Foundation Elite Package

The Foundation Elite package pulls up the hood on the HR function in your business and provides a deeper dive into your specific business with customized HR consulting. 

Foundation 1:1 Consulting

We partner with you to authentically and confidently remove the barriers to your business success through engaging and up-leveling your people! Yes, sometimes the up-leveling means at a different organization.