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You know you need HR but you don’t have the expertise on staff.  Nor do you need it!

We know that HR is legal and feels icky to most.  And as a result, people often get lost in the compliance requirements.   That’s why we partner with businesses like yours looking for a hand in creating your specific organizational culture.

We help solve people challenges while ensuring compliance. This is done through learning your management needs, customizing projects and providing ongoing HR support.   We provide you with what you need to know to be confident in your HR practices.

At Scherck Consulting, we believe everyone has a right and a choice to be fulfilled in the work they do.  As a human resource consulting company, our goal is to partner with you to ensure your organization has the processes and tools in place to maximize employee productivity and engagement.

Questions to ponder when considering your human resources needs:

  • What attitudes, skill sets and types of people do you need to meet your customer’s expectations?
  • Does your staff feel that they have the tools and resources needed to meet both their personal and professional goals?
  • Have you reviewed and updated your handbook, job descriptions, and new hire onboarding paperwork in the last two years ensuring compliance with federal, state and local labor laws?
  • What would efficient structures and on-demand HR expertise mean for your business or non-profit?

Intrigued? Send us a note and we will be glad to assist with your unique needs.

Human Resource Training and Tools

Are you looking for complimentary online tools to build out a successful human resources foundation to support your business growth through compliant practices?

If yes, click below to learn about our online Foundation packages.  These packages will provide you with the key documents necessary to set clear expectations with your staff AND provide the framework for a compliant program.

Human Resources Training and Tools

Online HR Foundation Training Packages

HR Foundation Package Library

Foundation Basic Package

Foundation Plus Package

Foundation Elite Package

Foundation 1:1 Consulting

In addition, we offer a suite of services to meet you where you are at in your business to build your HR foundation in a way that works for you and with you. AND, you have access to certified HR professionals at your fingertips.